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Will Twitter fly for B2B marketing ?

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Every marketing person around the world is thinking of using the magical 140 characters , that is a Twitter feed, to achieve his objectives.While Dell can get a pulse beat of what their customers are thinking, about a new product, Pizza Hut is making news with the announcement that they’re hiring a summer “twintern“, or Twitter intern, to start on June 1st as reported in this article. However, like any other social media, when it comes to marketing to other businesses, Twitter is still behind B2C marketing.

Though blogs are where majority of B2B marketing discussions take place, there is enough evidence to show that the discussions are slowly but definitely shifting to Twitter. B2B marketers have to invest time and resources to manage Twitter. How do you justify this in the the current financial climate with shrinking marketing budgets? Marketers don’t know if customers are engaging socially and if so, does it convert into a purchase decision making? It is this lack of measurability of ROI that makes the decision ‘ To Tweet or not to Tweet” particularly harassing for a B2B marketer.

For those sitting on the fence regarding this, forget the hype,  focus on what you know about good marketing and communications regardless of the channel, and look at Twitter through that lens.