Reassure your customers – during good times & bad…

“Did you know that the camera retail store at the corner offers a price much better than what I got from the online store !” My friend was in the midst of one of her frequent bouts of post purchase dissonance — that general feeling of anxiety after buying a product that all of us have experienced one time or the other. A feeling that the decision to buy the product was not right – possibly because it was overpriced,  it did not work quite the way the sales person had promised it would or she just did not need the product.

One way to reduce this anxiety is to constantly reassure the customer. It could be an advertisement that shows how peoples’ lives improve significantly after purchasing the product or it could be a follow up call from customer care asking about satisfaction levels with the product.  It could even be a training session organized for new customers. The same friend was thrilled after she attended a baking class organized by the company that had sold her a state-of-the-art microwave oven a few years ago.

This is a good marketing practice, but quite often companies forget to do it. Even companies that do practice it during good times tend to ignore it during crises, when customers need to be reassured the most.

I bank with at least 5 banks, who had been somewhat prompt in following up with me during the first few days of my relationship with them. But not one of them of them has reached out to me, during these tough times, to reassure me at a personal level why I should not be worried, or even if I should be worried, why I am in good hands to tide through the crisis. Today, all my opinions (and fears) about the sustainability of banks that I bank with are based on reports in the media which should set the alarm bells ringing for them. In fact, I have now stopped making new deposits with any of the banks.

In case you have not had a reason or chance to reach out to your customer in a while, this might be the time to get in touch with them. Reassure them, tell them all the good things that you have been doing for them, and of course, about the not so good things happening around us and why they should be cautious but not worried!

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One Response to “Reassure your customers – during good times & bad…”

  1. Anuj Says:

    Good points… To my surprise, Citibank did include a letter in one of their regular monthly mailers, with some calming words about how the India operations are not directly affected by the happenings in US. Hard to believe, but, at least they tried.

    They also put in an advert in the popular news-papers to assuage their customers about their CRR strength in India etc. etc.

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