About Zebu

What we do

Zebu is a strategy and marketing consulting team that helps technology companies identify, achieve and exceed their business objectives. At Zebu we help you
  • Identify specific business objectives & define metrics to be achieved
  • Create a strategy for achieving your business objectives
  • Formulate your marketing plan from goal setting through tactical milestones
  • Execute the marketing plan
  • Measure, refine and sustain execution through your customer and product life-cycle

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Zebu’s services include
  • Strategy formulation
  • Creation of Marketing Plan
  • Product Marketing
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Marketing Collateral and Communications
  • Social Media Marketing
At Zebu we use a variety of proprietary and standard tools to deliver our services. We develop sales pipeline model, forecasting model, revenue model, pricing model, where appropriate, for your business. We apply analytics to unearth patterns in your business data – be it market, customer, sales, revenue or product. We conduct workshops and training sessions for marketing, sales and executive teams as part of the engagement. We create marketing collateral in appropriate medium, including social media, to communicate the marketing message. And we operate as an extended part of your team for execution.

The Zebu Difference

As a client you get the real thing.
  • You interact with the partners throughout the engagement, who deliver the consulting services.
  • Each of Zebu’s consultants have more than 15 years experience in the technology industry in a variety of roles.
  • Industry segments we have worked in and consulted for include IT products & services, network security, manufacturing, hospitality and professional services.
  • At Zebu we are zealous about keeping it simple. We work closely with our customers to achieve clarity and purpose, for our customers and ourselves.
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